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LACOSA Mobiliario



LACOSA is a project to create furniture with an honest and sober design that aims to generate new experiences in its use. Its essence as a brand is based on the fact that its proposal can represent different things for different people and all interpretations are valid. It's a chair, it's garbage, it's art, it's LACOSA.



We thought of an element that represents being everything and nothing at the same time, as coherent or incoherent as the appreciation of each person, everything is valid with LACOSA, all the elements that comprise the identity of this brand are so varied and irregular and in constant evolution, as well as the identity of each human being and the constant change that this represents.



LACOSA represents constant evolution in all spheres, alluding to the constant change and movement of each human being; an ode to a modern society that seeks to find its identity and is aware of the value that exists behind change.

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