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The identity project of LA GUERRERENSE Mariscos captures the tradition and essence of the gastronomy that has characterized it through time. Its identity highlights the unique colors and flavors of Mexican gastronomy through a gastronomic proposal that has been recognized in different parts of the world.



We worked hand in hand with Sabina "La Guerrerense" to capture the magic of her kitchen and generate a project that would reflect the human warmth that represents "La Güerita" and her creations that have conquered the hearts of hundreds of people to become a gastronomic icon and a very important element of the culinary identity of the city of Ensenada.



LA GUERRERENSE Mariscos was founded in 1960. From Ensenada to the world, its dishes fuse innovation, flavor and tradition. La Guerrerense has achieved world fame with the creation of 13 gourmet sauces, exclusive recipes of its creator, Sabina Bandera, a woman recognized internationally for her talent and unique culinary proposals.

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