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MONOGRAMA is a Cabernet Sauvignon, part of the line of the Valle de Tintos winery that seeks to offer sincere wines that demonstrate the reflection of dedication. For the design of the new label of Valle de Tintos, MONOGRAMA, a Mexican handcrafted style was devised, but at the same time, contemporary and fresh so that it would stand out and attract attention wherever it is found.



An identity was created in honor of Mexican craftsmanship; in this case, the macramé embroidery with thread candle on blanket and later the embroidery was digitalized with the intention of accentuating and strengthening the tones of the threads and the detail of the work carried out by hand to identify in the most faithful way possible the textile art of the south of the Mexican Republic; looking for the balance between the craftsmanship and the highlight of its contemporary and fresh element.



Mexican handicrafts at an international level have a great recognition and value, for being products that manifest the cultural diversity of their society. Its origin comes from rural areas, thanks to the fact that artisans have used the natural resources of their region, such as clay, wood, textiles, talavera, copper, among others to create their designs; so in honor of their talent, we created a label that represented the magic behind their work and our cultural identity.

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